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Buyers win house with 5 offers in fierce competition

This lovely Sears kit house in the Takoma Park Historic District attracted five offers in fierce competition. I guided my buyers through this difficult process, and they got exactly the house they wanted. I love it when that happens. read more…

Tips for buying a new custom home

One of my specialties is new custom homes. I was a new home sales manager for three custom new home builders in Montgomery County. Two were national companies and one was a local Bethesda-based firm. After specializing in new homes for five years, I became a Realtor with a broader focus. I’ve sold from the trailer, so I understand this part of the real estate business thoroughly from both sides. read more…

Tips for Buyers

Buying your house is a big decision.  I’ve helped hundreds of buyers. Each buyer is unique but some things frequently come up.   Below are some tips that might help. Stories about buyers — These are good for inspiration and perspective. Map of Sales — Map of sales by Alice V. McKenna Work with a […]

The Saver With a Dream

She loved that house —
but somebody beat her to it.

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Engineer Runs the Numbers, Stops Renting

He was a happy renter
— until he did the math.

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Architect Finds Bungalow in 30 Days

30 days to find it.
And time was running out.

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