Books about real estate

"Home is where the books are." --Richard Burton

Library of Dr. Haack in Leipzig, Germany.

My dream library.
(Library of Dr. Haack in Leipzig, Germany. Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

“Sex and Real Estate: Why We Love Houses” (book)

Harvard professor Marjorie Garber is a heavyweight scholar. Her readable book "Sex and Real Estate: Why We Love Houses" is seriously fascinating. read more…

“Best Addresses” (book)

Scholar James M. Goode’s 597-page book "Best Addresses" about Washington apartment buildings is full of good stories and readable. Recommended. read more…

Thomas Jefferson’s Library — and Yours

You don’t have to be Thomas Jefferson to have an interesting library in your home. Here are two photos of libraries. One is Thomas Jefferson’s, recreated at the Library of Congress. The other is one of my favorite dining rooms. It’s also in use as a library, not just for Thanksgiving dinners. read more… | Mobile: 301-706-0779