Buyers win house with 5 offers in fierce competition

This lovely Sears kit house in the Takoma Park Historic District attracted five offers in fierce competition. I guided my buyers through this difficult process, and they got exactly the house they wanted. I love it when that happens. read more…

Dream Garden

Plant your dreams,
sprinkle some Agent Alice,
& watch your dreams grow!

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Can I do everything myself online?

Dear Agent Alice, As a tech-savvy woman. I thought I could find a house myself online. I learned a lot but found it overwhelming. Finally I wanted to give up. Am I different from your other buyers? –Computer Kitty read more…

Alice’s winter wonderland

The Washington, DC metro area has some amazing attractions in winter. Here are some of my photos of the season.

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Android Alice: The Interview

Agent Alice has upgraded. Recently, I converted from a Blackberry to a Motorola Droid Razr Maxx. I also converted from Yahoo to Gmail.
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Alice’s Fall Collection

One reason I love the Washington, DC area is that you see amazing things if you stay alert. Here’s a few of my photos from Fall 2012. read more… | Mobile: 301-706-0779