The Saver With a Dream

Porch of the dream house in Takoma Park

Porch of the final dream house in Takoma Park.

“Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after another.”
–Walter Elliott

She loved that house but somebody beat her to it. By the time she first called me, it had just gone under contract. She was crushed to hear the news. But she wasn’t ready to buy in a competitive market.

We chatted and I told her I could find her something better. She certainly did her part. She worked two jobs to save a large down payment. She rented a tiny apartment in the desired neighborhood in Takoma Park, MD.  When she was ready to buy, she said she had a group of friends who would come along and help her.  Bring them, I said. The more the merrier.

Due to a tax incentive, the market was hopping. Buyers competed and houses went under contract within days. So, we made her the best buyer. She had a pre-approved VA loan, a good inspector and the courage to decide fast when the right property came up.  After a few weeks, it did.

I negotiated hard, the seller agreed to our price and the deal was coming together.  Her friends came to see the house. Decorators were called in. The plan was to bump out the kitchen and add some dormers to the finished attic. But then, a blow. The home inspection revealed costly problems. We used the home inspection contingency. She could not buy this house.

She was tough. She said it was not to be, and put it behind her. Weeks passed, but nothing else compared to that house.

Then I heard the news. A house that I drove by every day was going on the market. The first day it was open, we were there. That night, her friends saw it too.  We were cautiously excited.  We knew it would have to be a strong offer. I called the agent and said we were ready, I wanted to present her offer in person.   The listing agent gave me some key information. The sellers wanted a quick settlement, a strong buyer with good financials and security that they would get to settlement.

Other contracts were coming in. I couldn’t allow that. As a buyer’s agent, I knew we had to beat the competition down. I wrote the offer late in the evening, and we also wrote a letter to the sellers so they would know this was the offer to take.

Victory! A great inspection followed, the special VA loan went into process and she had a home in exactly the Takoma Park neighborhood she wanted.

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