Architect Finds Bungalow in 30 Days

Silver Spring, MD bungalow: living room, facing fireplace.

Light and heat: Note the windows, radiator heat and working fireplace.

“All architecture is shelter, all great architecture
is the design of space that contains, cuddles,
exalts, or stimulates the persons in that space.”

–Philip Johnson (1906-2005)
Founder, MOMA Dept. of Architecture and Design

Architects can be among the most demanding clients, and this one was no exception. He knew exactly what he wanted, and his list of requirements was long. Plus, he and his wife could only look on weekend visits from out of town, and they had to buy within the month. They had already been through one realtor. Time was running out.

We looked from Takoma Park, MD to downtown Washington, DC.  We even looked at the house where Goldie Hawn grew up, but that one didn’t work out.  So someone else lives there now.  But we had some fun imagining Goldie sneaking back and checking on her old house.  According to the owner, and the Washington Post, she liked to do that. But, back to my clients, because they are the most important.

Silver Spring, MD bungalow: living room, facing stairs.

Arches and warm wood floors make a seamless transition
between the old and new parts of the house.

After almost 50 houses, time was running out. As they packed up their old house, we exchanged calls and emails. A cool bungalow came up in the secret little Silver Spring neighborhood of County Club Estates. I toured it and thought, this could be it.

They wanted a house with character. This one had a front porch with an old porch swing and real wooden front door.

They wanted a kitchen they could cook in and a dining room that would hold many guests. The architect could build masterpieces on the five-burner stove. Meanwhile, his fun-loving wife could pour the fine wines they both loved and kick back to music in the family room.

They didn’t want a big yard to care for; they did want a community. This one had great neighbors and a huge, covered rear deck.  Within weeks, they were sipping cocktails on it. And, they didn’t have to pay full price.

Back deck of bungalow in Silver Spring, MD

Back deck of bungalow in Country Club Estates
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