Takoma Park, MD

Takoma Park is one of the hottest neighborhoods in the area. I’ve sold dozens of homes here. I especially enjoy the distinctive neighborhoods inside this unique town.

House in the Takoma Park Historic District

The Takoma Park Historic District is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Neighborhoods of Takoma Park

Here are a few notes about neighborhoods:

Holly Avenue — Known for wide sidewalks under trees that touch over you. One of my favorite streets.

What’s available

Homes in this wildly popular town range from the $150’s for condos to $1.5 million for houses. Takoma Park has its own Metro station on the Red Line, which makes for an easy commute downtown.

Takoma Park has all different styles of homes for all different buyers: bungalows; Victorians, the four square, and farm houses. There are even colonials and ranch style homes, a neighborhood that is not cookie cutter.   What’s the difference?

Takoma Park=Community

This was one of the first planned Victorian commuter suburbs. Those houses are still the foundation of this community. It’s a real town with local restaurants and lots of events. There are parades, the world famous Folk Festival, the Jazz Fest and may other events throughout the year.

A real town

This neighborhood encompasses Sligo Creek Park and more than nine miles of the Sligo Creek Trail. The streets are tree-lined and walkable all year round. Back in the heyday of highway building, miles of freeways were proposed and would have dissected and diminished Takoma Park. But former activist and Mayor Sam Abbott helped lead opposition that prevented the catastrophe.

In 2011, I was proud to help sell the former Mayor’s family home at 7416 Holly Avenue. The Abbot family built this house and it is unique even for Takoma Park. It’s a two story home, with two complete living spaces. One to live in and one to rent out if necessary. Income property before it was a HGTV show! Thus, a “Depression proof” house — pay the mortgage with the money from the separate apartment. Lots of buyers want an income apartment in their home today.

Something for everybody

Takoma Park offers diverse pleasures.  This town is known for so many cultural events.  The Takoma Park Folk Festival welcomes people from all the East Coast.  Musicians from all over the world come to perform on our local stages.  There are many other festivals throughout the year;  The Takoma Park Street Festival, the Takoma Jazz Fest, the Takoma Park Independent Film Festival and a parade that is known all over the DC area, the Fourth of  July Parade.

Come to the Farmer’s Market on Sundays to get a taste of this town.

If you want more nightlife, Silver Spring is close.

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