Dupont Circle

Dupont Circle offers something at varied price levels. There are dark basements for less, and gorgeous rowhouses for more. Most coveted of all is a parking space.

Rowhouses in Dupont Circle, Washington, DC

Rowhouses on the sunny side of the street, Dupont Circle.

I like to go to Dupont Circle to visit the Phillips Collection and for dinner. What’s amazing is how private and beautiful Dupont Circle is when you walk a few blocks off Connecticut Avenue. Oaks, hemlocks and stately facades convey peace.

Dupont is well-located in DC. It has excellent transportation, including both a Metro station and the Circulator, as well as buses.

Sales by Alice V. McKenna around Dupont Circle
Following is a partial map of sales by Alice V. McKenna in and around Dupont Circle.
(If you do not see red pointers on the map below, hold down the control key and hit R (reload) and the pointers will show up.)

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