Columbia Heights

Map showing location of Columbia Heights neighborhood in Washington, DCColumbia Heights is the hottest and hippest neighborhood in Washington, DC.
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It offers affordable city living with all the amenities. Known for its restaurant and cafe “Hip Strip”, the 11th Street corridor of Columbia Heights has been featured in the New York Times travel section.

A Great Green Place

The neighborhood has a bustling shopping district that includes one of the greenest shopping centers in the country. The DCUSA shopping center has: Target, Staples, Best Buy and Bed, Bath & Beyond. Neighborhood residents can walk to these stores, instead of driving to the suburbs.

Following is an excellent video produced by the National Building Museum. Featuring DC’s planning director, the video explains what makes Columbia Heights so great. This high-quality, 7-minute video is definitely worth your time:

Since the video was produced a couple of years ago, the neighborhood has further improved its public and green spaces and augmented its environmentally-friendly commercial and residential density.

Exterior of DCUSA shopping center in Columbia Heights, Washington, DC

Exterior of DCUSA shopping center.

The Heart of Washington, DC

Columbia Heights is located in the heart of Washington just a mile north of the White House. The Columbia Heights Metro station is on the Green and Yellow Lines.

The neighborhood has five main streets going north to south and four east to west. By car or public transit, the neighborhood’s convenient location makes it easy to reach no matter what direction you’re coming from.

Columbia Heights Metro station interior.

Columbia Heights Metro station is on the Green and Yellow lines.


The Columbia Heights Day festival is dedicated to celebrating community, diversity and service. It features live music, family activities, local artists, food and fun.

The neighborhood has a great library and lots of parks.

Meridian Hill Park in Columbia Heights, Washington, DC

Meridian Hill Park in Columbia Heights.

Sales by Alice V. McKenna in Columbia Heights
Following is a partial map of sales by Alice V. McKenna in and around Columbia Heights.
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