Cleveland Park

Uptown Theater Washington DCCleveland Park has huge, lovely houses. But along the Connecticut and Wisconsin Avenue corridors it also has condo, co-op and apartment buildings. As a result, the neighborhood attracts a mix of people who like cosmopolitan living.

The neighborhood has a busy branch library, green spaces and many shops and restaurants along Connecticut and Wisconsin.

Cleveland Park Metro pylonThe Cleveland Park Metro station is on the red line. Several bus lines serve the neighborhood.

The Cleveland Park Citizens’ Association brings people together to engage issues such as the Cleveland Park library renovation.

Cleveland Park DC neighborhood map

The Washington Post writes:
“The National Zoo and the Uptown Theater have been drawing people to Cleveland Park for decades, but since 2010, unique restaurants have added more reasons to visit this self-contained small town in the city. Newcomers include a place that serves only steak frites, the expansion of an elegant dining room run by a former White House chef, and a tiny bar of gourmet ice cream sandwiches. Visitors will quickly discover Cleveland Park’s many other charms: leafy hiking trails, quirky dive bars, cozy date-night hangouts and homegrown shops that offer last-minute gifts for birthday boys and girls of any age.”

Sales by Alice V. McKenna in Cleveland Park
Following is a partial map of sales by Alice V. McKenna in and around Cleveland Park.
(If you do not see red pointers on the map below, hold down the control key and hit R (reload) and the pointers will show up.)

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Photo credits:
Cleveland Park Metro entrance: Woogers/Wikimedia/CC BY-SA 3.0,
Uptown Theater: Library of Congress/Wikimedia
Uptown sign: Alex Barth from Washington DC/Wikimedia/CC BY 2.0
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