Tips for Sellers


Plants on a porch make house more appealing.

I put plants on this porch to make this simple house more appealing.

Watch “House Hunters” on HGTV

Then I’ll tell you how it really works. If only you could sell your house in 30 minutes!

Remember what made you buy your home

You were a buyer once. Recall your house’s most compelling features — the fireplace, the screen porch or giant backyard — what you saw the first time you walked into your home that made you fall in love with it. We want someone else to see that. We can recreate that for today’s buyer.

Get clear on your exit plan

Think about why you want to move, and when. What is your plan when your house is sold? You must have a timeline.  I know the options and can help you coordinate this.

Know what buyers want

Buyers like:  hardwood floors, plenty of light, updated kitchens, stylish spaces, etc.  This can be very neighborhood-specific. A buyer in one neighborhood may want something completely different from one in another. It’s OK if you don’t have these things. You have something that we can spotlight in order to sell your house.

I started my career selling custom homes from a sales trailer — houses that were only blueprints and dreams. If I can sell “air”, I can sell your house.

Set the stage

Get rid of the negatives, highlight your positives.  Simple things like adding an up-light or putting some birch logs in the fireplace can make a big difference. The whole picture has to be just right when you launch it. Ideally, you want to get them in the early weekends. I have the resources behind me to stage it right.

It costs money to sell your house

You have to have enough cash to prepare and stage the house for demanding buyers. You need to be in the right price range relative to your equity and cash. Then you pay the commissions upon completion of a successful transaction.

Know your competition

The smart seller knows the competition and what else is out there. I can make you smart.

Price it right

The market speaks, so listen. Your house is worth what the market says it is. The conditions of the house can be massaged. The price should be realistic and fair. | Mobile: 301-706-0779