Agent Alice in the City!

This is the story of a listing that turned into a sale…what I do best.


When I saw the condo in early August, I knew it needed just a little style, aka some
“Alice Staging”. Sometimes its hard for sellers to style their home for sale when they live in it day in and day out. I knew I could help. The sellers had some cool “stuff”. I used their stuff and added some “wow”. Below are two pairs of before and after photos.

The Loft: Before and After

3431 14th St, NW Washington, DC loft before

This was the loft before staging. Hmm, OK but I knew it could be great.

3431 14th St, NW Washington, DC loft after

The loft, after staging, open house ready! Photo: TruPlace

The Bedroom: Before and After

3431 14th St, NW Washington, DC bedroom before

This was the bedroom before staging. A bit cluttered, real life, needs a little style.

3431 14th St, NW Washington, DC bedroom after

Bedroom after staging, ready for the open house. It’s a wow now! Photo: TruPlace


This is how the condo looked on August 16th, the day it was officially listed. Now it had some “city style”.

3431 14th St, NW Washington, DC 20010, living room and loft

Living room and loft. Photo: TruPlace

Under contract

September 1st — Property goes under contract-RATIFIED! This was a unique DC property, complicated because two units were commercial units, two units were residential. I worked with the buyer’s agent to find a lender that could work with his buyer. That’s what agents do best, work together for the same goal. Some buildings require a little more work.

Alice with under contract sign

Under contract is when the real work begins.


August 16 listed…September 1st Ratified! September 19th…SOLD!

Alice with sold sign

The satisfaction of a job well done for my clients.

Alice with sold sign walking up steps

My work is done here on 14th Street.

Sold sign against blue sky, streetscape

Nothing but blue skies from now on… | Mobile: 301-706-0779