Tips for buying a new custom home

14905 Little Bennett Dr Clarksburg MD 20871: Before (2001)

BEFORE: 14905 Little Bennett Dr Clarksburg MD 20871.

14905 Little Bennett Dr Clarksburg MD 20871: After (2003)

AFTER: Same house, two years later (2003).

One of my specialties is new custom homes.

I was a new home sales manager for three custom new home builders in Montgomery County. Two were national companies and one was a local Bethesda-based firm. After specializing in new homes for five years, I became a Realtor with a broader focus. I’ve sold from the trailer, so I understand this part of the real estate business thoroughly from both sides.

Some aspects of my advice for buying a home apply. Following are some additional tips specific to new custom homes:

You have a right to a Buyer’s Agent

Many buyers don’t know that they have a right to bring a Buyer’s Agent. A few custom home builders may try to discourage buyers from bringing their own agent. Smart home builders understand that a Buyer’s Agent who knows new homes can help ensure a smooth deal. A Buyer’s Agent who knows new homes can help you avoid misunderstandings and mistakes.

Many people have done this successfully before you

It can be a bit scary starting with dirt and a dream. But many others have done this, and you can, too. I’ve helped place more than 100 clients in new homes.

Know the builder’s perspective

Know how many units the builder has sold and what percentage that represents of the development. Understand how the builder views the transaction, and where it’s easier for the builder to be flexible. It’s about give and take. Sometimes you have to pay a little bit to get a lot.

Check out the builder

Deal with reputable builders. I can help you check out the builder and their past work.

Get clear on your timing

Think about why you want to move, and when. What is your plan for selling your existing home, if any? You must have a timeline. Spec homes are almost ready for move-in. Others take months to build. I can help you make a realistic schedule.

Remember you will likely sell this home someday

Design the home and features you want. That’s the point. When choosing options, remember that certain wow factors like extra ceiling height can enhance resale value.

Pay for quality if possible. I can help you find it

Quality improves resale value. But you don’t have to deal only with major home building corporations. I can help you find a small custom builder who crafts a beautiful home that will last. Sometimes local firms that build three or four homes a year are top notch. | Mobile: 301-706-0779