“Nice place. Who’s your realtor?”

“Agent Alice.
She knows which
condos take pets.”

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Alice Knows Hidden Gems

DC’s Titanic Memorial is
exquisite but little known —
just like some neighborhoods.

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Sales in Prince George’s County

I was selling or listing agent on the following real estate sales in Prince George’s County during 2000-2011. Locations included Hyattsville, Adelphi and Bowie. read more…

My 3 Holly Houses

Holly Avenue is a great street. I’ve sold three houses on Holly — two in Takoma Park, MD and one on Holly Street in Shepherd Park, Washington, DC. Enjoy these nice photos. read more…

House types

Following are some house types, focusing on the types often found in Washington, DC and its suburbs. read more…

Should I start with my absolute minimum requirements?

“I’ve never lived in a building
without my name on it.”

–Ivanka Trump

Dear Agent Alice,
I’m starting to shop for a house. Should I decide up front on my list of absolute minimum requirements?
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