My dream house got away. What to do?

Dear Agent Alice,
I found the perfect house — my one, true soul house. But it went under contract before I could act, and now it’s gone.
My miserable life on Planet Earth is over. How can I get out of bed tomorrow?

Dear Devastated,
Rx symbolYes, “house love” can be so disappointing.  Tomorrow will bring new listings and new homes to fall in love with.  I believe you end up in “your house”, where you were meant to be.

1) Read this story of someone who had repeated disappointments and ended up in her dream house.

2) Read the book “Sex and Real Estate: Why We Love Houses” by a distinguished Harvard professor. Seriously. It will help you understand why real estate can make us so crazy.

Call me in the morning!  Your house is out there, I’ll help you find it.
–Agent Alice | Mobile: 301-706-0779