Can I do everything myself online?

Cat works on computer.

Editing video requires more RAM and a faster processor.
It’s why I never scrimp on hardware.

Dear Agent Alice,
I’m a senior designer at a local media firm. As a little girl, I loved art, so I got a fine arts degree. Then I just sort of fell into user experience design. I still paint regularly on weekends and have exhibited in some local shows.

I’m making good money lately. I work from home a lot, so I wanted to buy a nice place. The tax benefit of the home office would not hurt. Plus, I need a bigger studio for my painting.

As an independent woman, I like to do my own computer repairs.
My boyfriend is impressed.

Cat performs computer repair.

After this, we’ll swap out the hardware RAID
controller for one with Perc 6i firmware.

I also teach computer repair classes.

Cat teaches computer repair.

Tighten this screw to secure the motherboard.

So I figured, how hard could it be to find real estate listings online?

Unlike some people…

Dog no computer has no idea what he's doing.

“If I bang with my paws, will food come out?”

…I know my way around the Internet.

Cat says idiots.

Never let your dog near your computer.

So, I spent crazy hours searching for properties online.
I narrowed in on where to live.
But I wasn’t sure about next steps.

Cat works on computer.

I was learning a lot about real estate.

Then I wanted this house, but my offer got messed up.
After a while, I found the house hunt exhausting.

Cat with chin on keyboard.

17 hours straight searching houses online.

After a month or so, I just wanted to give up.

Cat slumps over computer monitor.

Not. One. More. Bungalow.

Finally I just stopped looking.

Cat sleeps on laptop.

Make the world go away. I don’t care if I rent forever.

I was thinking of calling you. We met at an open house.
Maybe I do need help.
Am I different from most of your buyers?

–Computer Kitty

Dear Computer Kitty,
You are typical of my Internet-savvy buyers. The Internet is a good place to start, and to get smart about the market. But it’s super helpful to have an experienced Buyer’s Agent. A good Buyer’s Agent can help you learn the history of a street, know what to pay for a house you like, and then get your deal through.

It’s great if you do your homework online. Call me and I’ll help you get the house you want without wasted energy.

–Agent Alice | Mobile: 301-706-0779